Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring when dropping off my dog for DayCare or Boarding?

DAYCARE: Just a leash and food/medications if your dog requires any during the time they will be here. 

BOARDING: All we need is their food and any supplements/medications they are on.  If you forget their food or they run out during their stay – no worries! We have Stella & Chewy's food bags that can be purchased at the playhouse either by the bag (3.5/10/22 lbs) or by the cup for $1.00. We have everything else your dog will need during their stay including bedding, blankets & bowls (including slow feeder bowls). Due to limited storage & because we want to keep a neutral environment, we ask kindly, that you adhere to these guidelines.

What are your drop off/pick up hours?

Drop off/pick ups are by appointment only. Please schedule an appointment to pick up/drop off your dog during our business hours of 6 AM to 9 PM, any day of the week. 

Do you have any extra fees besides the DayCare & Boarding rates?

No, we administer medications at no extra charge, open every day of the year (including holidays) at same rates, and don't charge any cancelation fees regardless of when you cancel.

Since you don't use kennels, how do you feed the dogs?

We have a designated feeding area where we give each dog their own space/time to eat. The only time several dogs will eat together is if they belong to the same family and you specify that it's ok to do so. 

Do dogs wear collars while at the playhouse?

We are a "collar free" playhouse. The risk of injury from wearing a collar while playing can be life-threatening. Dogs can quickly become entangled as panic sets in and the situation can quickly escalate. Our playhouse is 100% secure with 24 hour staff supervision, locks on all doors, 6 ft fencing, and cameras. Your loved ones are always safe & secure in our care. 

Will we be able to tour the playhouse?

Since we are a free roaming playhouse, having people walk through to take a tour is not feasible. Dogs get excited with new people and that can disturb the energy in the playhouse. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we have a video tour available on our home page (coming soon). 

How many dogs will my dog be around?

Unlike bigger boarding facilities, we like to keep our playgroups at a smaller/more manageable size. Our playhouse is split into two groups (Belly Rubs pack & Happy Tails pack) and the average number per group is between 15-20. During holidays or busy seasons, we can have as many as 25 dogs per group. Groups are supervised 24/7 by our highly trained pack leaders to ensure everyone is happy,comfortable and getting along. 

Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured through The Hartford.  (Policy # 72SBAAL3XVR)

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